Past Speakers (1985 - 2016)

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Christine Brun, Interior Designer
Living Small for the Future and Why It’s Here to Stay
Rob Quigley, Architect
FOCUS PLAN: A Visionary Plan by the East Village People
Leigh Kyle, Landscape Architect
The Last 25 Years, the Next 25 Years
Phil Pape and Amanda Schultz, Architects
Zero Net Energy and Design/Build: The Alpine Library
Marvin Malecha, Architect
Educating Architects in Sustainability
Patricia Trauth, Landscape Architect
A Sustainable Landscape for San Diego’s International Airport</ em>
Matthew Winter, Architect
Makers Quarter: A Cultural Hub in East Village
Mary Lydon and Panelists Margit Whitlock, Daniel Brown
Housing San Diego’s Growing Population in the 21st Century


Michael Stepner & Frank Wolden, Architect & Urbanist
Mission Valley: Strategic Planning for a Sustainable Community
Kristi Byers, Architect & Moderator
Forum: San Diego Women in the Architectural Professions: Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Alan Hoffman, Lecturer in Urban Planning
Solving Our Real Problem: A Strategic Approach to Regional Planning

Nathan Elliott, Landscape Architect
Transforming Cities: Open Spaces as Economic Engines

Christine Brun, Interior Designer
Living Small for the Future: Why It’s Here to Stay!

David Marshall, Architect/Historic Preservationist
Protecting Our Architectural Legacy: The Do’s and Dont’s of Preservation

Howard Blackson, Urban Planner
Beer, Bikes, and Breakfast: San Diego’s Cultural Shift

Vicki Estrada, Landscape Architect & Moderator
Panel Discussion: San Diego Today: Designing the Urban Future

2014-2015 (The California-Panama Exposition Centennial Lectures)

Part 3: Reaching Across the Nation: San Diego’s Influence on Domestic Architecture

Ione Stiegler, FAIA
Spanish Colonial Revival: The Legacy of the Exposition
Peter Jensen, Writer, Editor
California Ranch: The Consolidation of a Regional Style
Diane Kane, Architectural Historian
International Crossroads: From Cube Houses to Streamline Moderne

Part 4: Spanning the Oceans: A War Brings the World to Our Shores

Keith York, Senior Director, UCSD
Midcentury Modern: Bauhaus Meets Ranch Meets Tiki
Dirk Sutro, Writer
Modernism Transformed: From the Salk to the Geisel and Beyond
Rob Quigley, FAIA
Post-Modernism: Everyone Visits San Diego Eventually
Frank Wolden, Artist, Urbanist
Contemporary Innovations: A New Internationalism
Michael Stepner, FAIA, Moderator
Panel Discussion: The Future of San Diego Architecture

2013-2014 (The California-Panama Exposition Centennial Lectures)

Part 1: Reaching Around the World – The Infrastructure of Cultural Exchange)

Molly McCain, Professor
An Architectural History of the World’s Fairs: 1851-1915
Ray Ashley, S.D. Maritime Museum
Canals Across Time: Maritime Linkages to Balboa Park: 1513-1914
Jim & Drew Hubbell, Artist and Architect
Art in the Service of Peace: The Pacific Rim Parks: 1992-2013

Part 2: Inviting the World to San Diego – The Birth of the Exposition

Roger Showley, Journalist
The History of Balboa Park: 1867-1909
Mike Kelly, Committee of 100
The Program and Site Plan for the Exposition: 1910-1913
M. Wayne Donaldson, FAIA
The Architecture of the Exposition Buildings: 1914
Vicki Estrada, FASLA, APA
The Landscape Architecture of the Exposition: 1914
Michael Stepner, FAIA, plus Panel
Balboa Park: Centennial Reflections: 1915-2015


Kotaro Nakamura, Architect
Lessons from Japan: Design for Recovery
Pat Caughey, Landscape Architect
H. Wimmer and J. Yamada: A Legacy in the Making
Wallace Cunningham, Designer
Wallace Cunningham: My Work
Eric Haas, Architect
R.M. Schindler’s Bubeshko Apartments
Linda Thomas-Mobley, Ph.D.
Life Lessons from the Centennial Olympic Games
Eve Edelstein & Mike Torrey, Neuroscientist & Architectural Photographer
The Neuroscience of Extraordinary Places: Machu Picchu plus Great Wall
Michael Stepner, Architect
Where is San Diego’s Public Realm?
David Malmuth plus Panel
I.D.E.A District: From Vision to Reality


David Malmuth, Developer
I.D.E.A. District: From Concept to Reality
David Marshall, Architect
Great Lost Buildings of San Diego
Lisa Wilson-Wirth, Certified Kitchen Designer
The Intelligent Kitchen: Getting Past Green and Towards Healthier Living
Robert Mosher and Keith York, Architect/Senior Designer
Modernist Morning: A Chat with Robert Mosher and Keith York
Kurt Hunker, Architect
Tall Buildings Since 9/11: the Spectacle of the Technical
Glen Schmidt, Landscape Architect
Livable Landscapes: Balancing Artistic Expression in Design with Environmental Sensitivity
Catherine Herbst, Architect
The Power of 100
Mike Stepner plus Panel
Density: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


William Krisel, Architect
The Architecture of William Krisel in San Diego
Keiliki Rodriguez, Director of Museum Operations
Gaslamp Quarter: The History of Then and Now
Anne Kellett, Interior Designer
Reality Hits Home for Aging Baby Boomers
Mike Burnett, Architect
The Architect as Developer
Can Bisel, Ph.D., Architect
All Men Will be Brothers? Karl Friedrich Schinkel and Origins of Berlin Museum
Vicki Estrada, Landscape Architect
Designing San Diego: If We Started Over, What Would We Do Differently?
Eve Edelstein, Neuroscientist
Architecture for the Interior Frontier: The Neuroscience of Design
Jay Turner, Moderator plus Panel
Revitalizing A Community Through Arts and Entertainment


Manuel Oncina, Architect
Modern Libraries in San Diego County
Teddy Cruz, Professor Public Culture, UCSD
Radicalizing the Local: Beyond the Politics of Style!
Laura Burnett, Landscape Architect
Balboa Park: Open Space in City Building
Susan Tinsky, Housing Expert
The San Diego Housing Ladder: Integrating Opportunities for All
Tracy Delaney, S.D. County Public Health Officer
Building Health Into Our Community Design
Armistead (Ted) Smith, Architect
Education & Enlightenment: Celebration 25 Years of FSDA
Kevin deFreitas, Architect
A Very Small Architect Trying to Think Big!
Michael Stepner plus panel
Getting It Done: Can We Move Beyond the Quagmire?


Howard Blackson, Architect
Civic Art: San Diego Public Architecture & Place Making
Boone Hellmann, Architect
Campus Housing: Growing a Community Within a Community
Michael Stepner, Architect plus panel
San Diego’s Growing Pains: Preservation & Sustainable Development
Robert Wright, Interior Designer
Universal Design: Applications for Today’s Markets
Sharon Cloward, Exec. Dir. San Diego Port Tenants Association
Our Waterfront: Highest and Best Uses
Kathy Garcia, Landscape Architect
Greening the Green: Open Spaces Contributing to Sustainable Actions
Matthew Ellis, Architect
Young Architect of the Year Recipient plus Student Showcase
Howard Blackson, Architect plus panel
A Call to Action!


Gordon Chong, Architect
Civic Conscientiousness: The California Academy of Science
Manuel Rosen, Architect
On Architecture
Paul Johnson, Architect
Cultural and Heritage Tourism
Graham Downes, Architect
The Blokhaus Way: Total Package for a Different Experience
Jain Malkin, Designer
Healing Environments: The Quest for Optimal Patient Experiences
Katy Hamilton, Architect
The Children’s Museum: Artful Exploration of Sustainability
Aaron Anderson, Architect
Young Architect of the Year Recipient plus Student Showcase
Michael Stepner, Architect
San Diego’s Future as a World Class City: A Panel Discussion


Sebastian Mariscal, Designer, Developer, Builder
Evolution & Process in Architecture
Drew Hubbell, Architect
Art in Architecture
Ned Paynter, Urban Historian
London After the Millennium
Claire and Loch Crane, Historian, Architect
Architecture & Gardens of Ancient Japan
Eve Edelstein, Neuroscientist
Neuroscience & Architecture
Jean Zagrodnik/Linda Glaze, Architects
Working with Non-profits: Maximum Design/Minimum Budgets
Larry Hoeksema, Architect
Developing Client Relationships in an Architectural Practice
Ron Roberts, County Supervisor
A Vision for San Diego’s Waterfront


Gary Rose Weber, Urban Planner
Is Smart Growth Really Smart?
Garry Papers, Architect and Manager, CCDC
The Architectural Transformation of Downtown
Kotaro Nakamura, Architect
Japanese Architecture and Japanese Gardens, Here and Abroad
Nico Calavita, Urban Planner
Smart Growth, Environmentalism, and Affordable Housing: are they compatible?
David Kopec, Professor of Design
How Environmental Psychology Helps Architects in Practice
Allard Jensen, Architect
Bringing Density Back to Neighborhoods
Frank Wolden, Artist
Street Life to Sky Life: Object vs. Experience in Modern Architecture
Reese Jarrett, Urban Residential Developer
There is More to Building Shelter Than Profit
Jennifer Luce, Architect
Designing for Design


Ken Ronchetti, Designer
The Romance of Architecture: the relationship between land and structure
Vonn Marie May, Landscape Historian
The Cultural Landscape of Rancho Santa Fe: the town the railroad built
Rob Wellington Quigley, Architect
The Arc Promenade: the marriage between the city and the bay
Nico Calavita, Urban Planner
Smart Growth, Environmentalism, and Affordable Housing: are they compatible?
Wallace Cunningham, Designer
Time and Place: design appropriate to our era
Martin Poirier, Landscape Architect
Landscape, Landscaping, and Place: what is the difference?
Gilbert Cooke, Architect, Dean of NewSchool of Architecture & Design
Architectural Education: roots and wings
Eric Naslund, Architect
An Architecture Firm Grows Up: getting to do bigger work
Kendrick Boggs Kellogg, Architect
Sustainable Organic Architecture


Teddy Cruz and Allan Rosenblum, Architects
Double Journeys: San Diego and Tijuana
Taal Safdie and Ricardo Rabines
Architects, Light, Views and Gardens
Norm Applebaum, Architect
The Estate: a 7-year Creation
Larry Ford, SDSU Professor
America’s New Downtowns:reinvention or revitalization
Pamela and Hector Magnus, Architects
A 24-hour Design Team
Joseph Martinez, Architect
Aesthetics in a Multi-cultural Society
Margit Whitlock-Espinosa, Architect
SALSA Comes Home to the World: how Latin ideas influence international design
Michael Stepner, Architect
Sprawl or Density: where will all the housing go?
Jim Gabriel and Randy Hanna, Architects
Architecture and the Sustainable Commitment


Teddy Cruz, Architect and Lawrence Herzog, SDSU Professor
Tijuana and San Diego: Social and architectural contrast
Gail Goldberg, City of San Diego Urban Planner
San Diego, City of Villages: The new look of San Diego
Patrick Caughey, Landscape Architect
Art in the Landscape: A collection of landscape architects and artists
Sandro Alberti, Designer
Malibu: Ritz, Glitz and Ego
Donald Goldman, Architect
Getting It Built Right: The architect’s role during construction
Nico Calavita, SDSU Professor
Affordable Housing and Politics
Lorri James, Interior Designer
Building a Home and the Role of an Interior Designer
C.W. Kim, Architect
Designing the Santa Fe Indian School, with Emphasis on American Indian Cultural Values
Armistead Smith, Architect
Alternative Housing


Michael Johnson, Architect
Livable Communities
Gary Rose Weber, Urban Planner
Smart Growth in the Inner City
Richard Bundy, Architect
The Natural History Museum Expansion: a 70-year old dream
Allard Jansen, Architect
Architect as Developer: Housing, Office and Retail Together
Don Covington, SDSU Professor
The Renaissance of an historic village
Don Coordt, Architect
The Practice of Architecture: Client Expectations
Vonn Marie May and Ione Stiegler, Landscape Historian and Architect
Restoration of the Sykes Adobe Farmhouse and Grounds: Port of Entry to the San Dieguito River Park
Hector Reyes, Architect
We Are Aqui: a search for regional identity


Armistead Smith, Architect
Urban Development: Small Lot Housing
Pat O’Connor, Landscape Architect
Remnant Landscapes: How can we best use those little pieces of land left over in Planning
Gregory Alan Kindy, Architect
Top Form: Buildings that enhance our emotional lives
Max Schmidt, Urban Planner
What is Max Thinking, Vol. III
Catherine Herbst, Architect
Architecture to See in San Diego: a visual tour of San Diego’s treasures
James Brown, Architect
A Complete Practice: Expanding the role of the architect
Marc Tarasuck, Architect
S,M,XXL: Small, Medium, Very Large. Three budgets


Ward Thompson, Architect
Desert Architecture: Fortress, Tent, and Beyond
Linda Moreland, Architect
A Woman’s Perspective on Architecture
Donald Goldman, Architect
The Romance of Architecture vs. Reality
Max Schmidt, Urban Planner
Max: A Reprise
Alison Whitelaw, Architect
Designing for Our Children’s Children
Carl Strona, Architect
We Need Alternative Housing
Ken Baldwin, Architect
Design of Advanced Technology Facilities
James Neri, Landscape Architect
Landscape Immersion: Gardens in the Zoo


Michael Stepner, Architect and Rosemary Stepner, Feng Shui Specialist
Urban Planning and Feng Shui
Vonn Marie May, Historic Preservationist
San Diego’s Ambivalent Pursuit of Regionalism: short-term planning and its effects
Lou Dominy, Architect
Spirituality and Architecture: a “timeless way of building”
Max Schmidt, Urban Planner
What Is Max Thinking?
Janine Christopher, Architect
Architecture in Trinidad: similarities and contrasts
Angeles Leira, Urban Planner
The Sherman Heights Region: urban revitalization continued
Andrew Spurlock and Martin Poirier, Landscape Architects
Gardens and Landscapes: what does it matter? The Getty and other projects
Laura Birns, Designer
Interior and Exterior Design Come Together: a holistic approach


Peter Jensen, Writer
Ranch House, Redux: a celebratory walk through the history of a western icon
Joel Heathcote, Lighting Designer
Fiber Optics, Lasers and Kinetic Colors in Architecture
Nico Calavita, Prof. of Urban Planning SDSU
Barcelona: where urban planning and architecture come together
Angeles Leira, Urban Planner
Urban Revitalization
Manuel Rosen, Architect
Architecture from Inside Out
Randal Ehm, Architect
Sculptural Response to Building and Design
Allard Jansen, Architect
Traveling with an Architectural Attitude
Pino Parente, Architect
True Homes for Healthy Living
Mary Kate Ronchetti, Master Draper; Ken Ronchetti, Designer; Terence Moore, Architectural Photographer
Interior Design


Stuart Resor, Architect and Griselda Joaquin, Tribal Housing Specialist
Building H.U.D. Homes for the Quechans: Some lessons to be learned from our American Indian Neighbors
Norm Applebaum, Architect
The Home Architecture as a Way of Life
Wallace Cunningham, Environmental Designer
Impressions and Origins: recent work
Nico Calavita, Prof. of Urban Studies, SDSU
Downtown and Neighborhood Development: a search for balance
Allard Jansen, Architect
Lessons from the Casa
M. Wayne Donaldson, Architect
The House of Hospitality: 90 days, 8000 men, no specs.
Mary Kate Ronchetti, Master Draper
Textiles in Architecture and Movies
Charles Slert, Architect
Boats, Books, Balls: new architecture for San Diego
Angeles Leira, City Planner
Urban Revitalization


Peter Jensen, Architectural Writer
Rubbernecking on a Streetcar Named Design
Larry Herzog, Professor SDSU, Urban Planner
The View from the Plaza: Public Space in Spain and Mexico

Laura duCharme, Architect
Do Men and Women Architects Approach Their Work Differently?
Martin Poirier, Landscape Architect
The Quality of the Question: a discussion of how we perceive and value our environment
Max Schmidt, Urban Planner
A Perspective on 45 Years of Urban Planning: Toward Permanent Paradise?
Ken Ronchetti, Designer
A Building Speaks a Language of People and Place
Nico Calavita, Professor SDSU, Urban Planner
The New Urbanism, Neo-Traditionalism: appearance or reality
Lynn Froeschle, Architect
The Greening of Architecture


Manuel Rosen, Architect
The Story Behind the Project: The Japanese Embassy in Mexico City
Philip Mead, Architect
The Healing and Regenerative Pursuits of Architecture
Stephen Borow, Architect
Developing Community Through Design
Jerry Mayfield, Architect, Director of Habitat
Habitat: Crossing the Border
Richard Bundy, Architect
My Father and I Built Low-Cost Housing in the 1950’s
Anne Garrison and David Hewitt, Architectural Photographers
Architectural Photography
Catherine Herbst, Architect
Small Things that Make a Difference
Janet Kay and Michael Batter, Architects
Surface, Space, and Shadow
John Turpit, Architect
Qualcomm: A Case Study. How Architects in the Early 90’s Accommodated Local High Tech Companies
Jim Gibson, Lighting Specialist
Antique Lighting 1870 to 1940’s: Victorian to Art Deco
Patricia Trauth, Landscape Architect
Outdoor Rooms: The Integration of Outdoor Space and Buildings


William Lewis, Architect
The New Mormon Temple in San Diego
James McGraw, Architect
Doing More with Less: The International Style
Eric Naslund, Architect
Local Sources: Making an Architecture from Things in our Own Backyard
Donald Innis, Architecture-Inventor
A Floating Airport for San Diego
Dirk Sutro, Architecture Critic
Escaping the Mediterranean Myth: Fresh Responses to San Diego
James Hubbell, Artist, Architect, Sculptor
In Search of Spirit in Building
Larry Ford, Prof. of Urban Planning, SDSU
San Diego: Sense of Place
Charles Slert, Architect
Contributing Factors in the Creation of an Architecture: Past, Present and Future
M. Wayne Donaldson, Architect
Preservation Architecture: The Techniques of a Time Bandit
Randal Jay Ehm, Architect
Studies of an Organic Architecture and Other Topics


Norberto Nardi, Architect
Breaching Two Worlds: An Exploration through Architecture of Latin American and American Cultures
Jim Bell, Ecologist
Ecological Solutions to Living and Making a Living
Donald Covington, Prof. of Art at SDSU
David Owen Dryden, and the Craft of Architecture
Manuel Oncina, Architect
Two Libraries for San Diego
Jonathan Segal, Architect
Getting Something Built: The Urban Master Builder Faces Reality
Nico Calavito, Prof. of Urban Planning, SDSU
Architecture for People: Social and Psychological Considerations
Eugene Ray, Professor of Art, SDSU
The Art of Environmental Design: Strategies for a Radiant Architecture at the Dawn of a New Century
Rene Davids/Christine Killory, Architects
Recent Work
Borzou Rahimi, Architect
Persian Architecture
Jean Zagrodnik, Architect
Building Blocks: The Evolution of School Architecture


Ralph Roesling and Kotaro Nakamura, Architects
Partners in Architecture: Compromise or No Compromise
Donald Norman, Cognitive Psychologist, UCSD
Livable Buildings: The Architect’s Responsibility
Wayne Buss, Architect
Creating an Urban Neighborhood that Includes Us All
Harmon Nelson and Cindy Wieber, Environmental Graphic Artists
When Words Meet Buildings: Balancing the Relationship
Michael Stepner, San Diego City Architect
High Rise Buildings: Are They Necessary?
Ned Paynter, Prof. of History, SDSU
Architectural Decoration in an Age of Computerized Manufacture
Wallace Cunningham, Environmental Designer
Architectural Vision in San Diego: Where Is It?
David Raphael Singer, Architect
Looking at Rudolph Schindler’s Work as a Housing Prototype
Jeffrey Shorn and Charles Kaminski, Architects
Lost San Diego
Kurt Hunker, Architect
The Idea of Repose in Architecture


David Thompson, Architect
Have You Talked with a Building Lately? Architecture as a dialogue between designer and user
Ned Paynter, Prof. of History at SDSU
London’s Future. In the battle of the styles, whose “vision of Britain” will prevail?
Manuel Rosen, Architect
A Retrospective: Forty Years of Architectural Practice
James Brown, Architect of the firm “Public”
Architecture: the Balance between Function and Art
Pino and Jaruska Parente, Architect and Designer
Function and Form in Home Design
Marilyn Kellogg, Educator
Roots of Organic Architecture
Barbara Carlton, Architect
Hazel Wood Waterman (1865-1948), San Diego Architect
Peter Jensen, Editor of San Diego Home/Garden
San Diego: Just a wild and crazy place. Or is it? Jensen shares with us the thirty most unusual houses in San Diego, and laments the possible death of persona expression
Borzou Rahimi, Architect at SGPA
Palladian Villas in the Venice Hinterland. Their influence on American Colonial Architecture
Andrew Spurlock, Landscape Architect
Fast Space: A View of a Future Landscape for Southern California
Michael Murphy
Irish Architecture: The Face and Mind of Ireland


Richard Dalrymple, Architect
Architects: what are they doing to us?
David Rinehart, Architect
How Does an Architect Design His Own Home? Making real the shape of human experience and inviting the spirit of architecture
Manuel Rosen, Architect
What Makes a City a City? Ex. Buenos Aires
Nico Calavita, Prof. of Urban Studies
Florence, from Roman to Modern Times. The evolution of urban design through the history of a city
Angeles Leira, City Planner
The Bi-National Region of San Diego-Tijuana. The future development of these twin cities, their ecology, structure and public infrastructure
Peter Jensen, Editor of San Diego Home and Garden
Inside and Outside the San Diego House: Confessions of a magazine editor in the land of the beige
Stuart Resor, Architect
Towards a Sensible Architecture
Marium Marum, Landscape Architect
Landscape Architecture: the Cutting Edge of Design
Linda Kacsor, Interior Designer
Healing Environments: Harmonizing the Energies and Senses
Suzy Ticho, Director of External Relations for the School of Architecture, UCSD
The Artist and the Design Team: Structurally Integrated Art Work. From Gargoyles to Murals to Doorways to Whirligigs


Bruce Kelley-Markham, Architect
Irving Gill, Early Modern Architect
Edward A. Grochowiak, Architect
The Marketplace at the Grove: Designing and Renovating Shopping Centers with special emphasis on the latest
Guiti Kardan, Architect
Adobe Houses: their meaning for the crisis in housing in our own semi-arid zone
Richard Dalrymple, Architect and Brian Smith, Escondido Assistant City Planner
The New Escondido City Hall
Paul McKim, Architect
Let’s Take a New Look at the Source: the centuries-old buildings of Europe and Britain. What can be learned from them for today’s designs?
Stephen Borow, Architect
Right Relationship and the Creative Process: An inquiry into how harmonious structures are brought into being
Nancy Robertson, Intern Architect
Architecture by Women: Some Considerations and Possibilities
Ken Kellogg, Architect
The Organic Approach to Architecture as seen in this Architect’s Work
Paul Curcio, San Diego City Planner
Improving the Quality of Life Through Land Use Regulation
Harry Bremner, Graphic Designer
New Graphics in an Old City: shared views of San Francisco after recent move


Ted Smith, Architect
The ‘Go Home’ Suburban Warehouse: living in a Corporate Town
Carl Strona, Architect
The Case for Humanistic Values in Urban Housing
Richard Bundy, Architect
Neighborhood Architecture: how we design new homes to fit in existing neighborhoods
Manuel Rosen, Architect
The Ecological Impact of a Master Plan on a Tourist Development called Nuevo Vallarta, near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Hugh Davies, Museum Director
Museum Architecture
James Clapp, Prof. of Environmental Studies and Urbanism
The Problem of Scale in Architecture and Urban Planning
Jon Linton, Architect
The Client and the Architect: a Team Approach–how they interact in the architectural process
Stan Keniston, Architect
Energy Resources and the Community of the Future: new thoughts in building design that will reduce use of non-renewable resources
Rob Wellington Quigley, Architect
Design Guidelines for Cities and how they are developed through a community Workshop Process


Carol Spong, Interior Designer
Some Aspects of Interior Design
Katie Fulhorst, Landscape Architect
Growth in Our Community: When Planning Is Not Enough
Gregory Brown, Architect
Inside Solar Architecture
Douglas Austin, Architect
Achieving a Total Human Environment: the new architecture in La Jolla
Harry Bremner, Graphic Designer
Architecture and Graphics from the Point of View of Design
Harry Anthony, Architect and Professor Emeritus
City Planning in Pre-Columbian Meso-America
Gary Rose Weber, Land Use and Planning Consultant
Revitalizing Our Inner City
James Clapp, Prof. of Environment and Urbanism
Art in Urbanism


Howard Ziegler, City Planner
City Planning
Karen Scarborough, Landscape Architect
The El Cajon Blvd. Revitalization Project
Stephen Borow, Architect
The Notion of Style
Donald Reeves, Architect
Temporary Paradise? The Last 46,000 Years in San Diego
Jonathan Linton, Architect
Absence of Place: Regarding the High Rise in Architecture
Alfredo Larin, Architect
Lecture and Slides on Frank Lloyd Wright
Eric Naslund & Jon Linton, Architects
Neon: Architecture and Light