Housing San Diego’s Growing Population in the 21st Century

Housing San Diego’s Growing Population in the 21st Century

PANEL–MAY 20th, 2017 @ 9:30 AM, NewSchool of Architecture & Design

Mary Lydon, Daniel Brown, and Margit Whitlock

The binational region of San Diego is on a trajectory of becoming a great global metropolitan area in the 21st century. Our high-tech industries, top universities, phenomenal cultural and natural amenities bring a high quality of life unmatched by any other region of our size. To assure that we support our growth using sustainable, prosperous and equitable strategies, housing affordability and increased stock around the region needs to be addressed.

Housing You Matters is a broad-based coalition that convenes, advocates and educates around solutions for increasing housing supply and lowering the cost of building new homes.  Come learn more about what they are doing to catalyze leaders to create policy for increasing supply of more affordable homes, educating industry about innovative product types and materials that lower building costs and informing the public at large why we need to do this and the positive impacts it will bring for the viability of our future.


Mary Lydon, Moderator, is the coalition consultant for Housing You Matters with the job of coordinating research projects, public events, and outreach efforts. Mary was the Executive Director at Urban Land Institute for ten years, a member of the San Diego Planning Commission and a member of Mayor Faulconer’s Stadium Advisory team. She has contributed articles to the San Diego Daily Transcript, the Union-Tribune and Voice of San Diego, and has sat on many boards for community interests and land issues. Lydon owns Lydon Associates, specializing in strategic planning and  communication services for the land use, environmental and non-profit arenas.

Daniel Brown is a Graduate Architect at BNIM. He has a passion for urban architecture and its role within sustainable urban ecology. He uses an iterative design process to enhance the complex relationships between the human and urban scales.  Dan has a Master’s degree in Architecture from the University of Kansas, as well as Under Graduate degrees in Communication and Sociology from the University of San Diego.  He is the Charrette Team Leader for Council District 7 for the AIA initiative on housing but will speak to the entire Housing the Next 1 Million enterprise.

Margit Whitlock received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Oregon with academic strengths in urban planning and design and extended studies in Art History and Architecture at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. She is Principal | Creative Director for Architecture and Interior Design and just celebrated her 25th year in business. She is Vice President of the San Diego Architectural Foundation and chairwoman of the SDAF Context Vol. 4: Neighborhoods 2027 (CV4) taking place on June 6th, Green Acre Campus Pointe. There will be an open free housing exhibit from 3-5 PM. From 5-9 PM there will be a ticketed reception and panel presentation.

Two Videos:

San Diego’s Housing Crisis Squeezing the Middle Class


Discussing the Plan to Reduce the Housing Crisis in San Diego KUSI News


Information about Housing You Matters

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