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FSDA has had many special events over 32 years. Some were just special moments. In 2005 we celebrated our 20th anniversary with the announcement of the winners of the Accessory Dwelling Unit and an exhibit of all the designs. At that event, Harriet Gill was presented with an award from the city pronouncing Harriet Gill Day.

After we received the Ned Paynter Collection and opened it on our website, we invited Ned’s sister and family to Woodbury for a small exhibit of Ned’s work. We also have images of the Breaking Barriers Exhibit at Mission Valley Library and Woodbury University.

Harriet was especially photogenic and charmed both men and women, so there are some snaps of her at lectures with speakers and guests, some where she is receiving various awards. In the mid-80’s Harriet said, “I had the good fortune to be given four minutes a week to present a piece of my mind on the public radio station KPBS”. Twenty-five years later, she finally got around to publishing this book of Essays.

Some other events worth noting were programs when a Harriet Gill Award was given to students who demonstrated creative and/or innovative design ability towards positive social impact.

For 32 years NewSchool has invited FSDA to use its auditorium for the Saturday lectures. FSDA was financially able in 2015 to show its thanks with a gift of 2 book carts for the library and a number of architectural books.

And it would be remiss if we did not recognize the many speakers—architects, landscape architects, interior designers, urban planners, university professors, writers, historians—who gave freely of their time and knowledge to educate and enrich the lives of our members for 32 years. (Mostly little snaps!)

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