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On Oct. 17th, 2015 FSDA introduced its first exhibit, Breaking Barriers: Women Designing the Built Environment. It was a collection of projects from 30 San Diego women architects, landscape architects, and designers. This exhibit has been displayed at NewSchool, Mission Valley Public Library. and Woodbury University San Diego Library.

The exhibitors were Catherine Herbst, Vicki Estrada, Adriana Cuellar, Kelly Fore Dixon, Laura DuCharme Conboy, Laura Fisher, Gail Garbini, Rocio Gertler, Marcie Harris, Michele Grace Hottel, Heather Johnson, Mitra Kanaani, Caroline Kreiser, Leigh Kyle, Yu-Ju Liu, Jennifer Luce, Joy Lyndes, Pamela Magnus, Jain Malkin, Marian Marum, Kathleen McCormick, Corinne Lloyd-Moody, Jen Landau Prior, Kelley Ross, Taal Safdie, Ione Stiegler, Audrey, Stratton, Chikako Terada, Patricia Trauth and Alison Whitelaw.

For the exhibit at Woodbury, we added 6 early San Diego pioneers who were an inspiration to the women in the architecture and design field today: Harriett Barnhard Wimmer, Kate Sessions, Louise Mary Severin, Lilian Rice, Hazel Wood Waterman, and Jane Minshall.

View the exhibits here.