About Ned Paynter Collection

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About this collection of photography

The collection consists of 9,791 images (click here to see image galleries) taken over a period of forty years. Photographed on slide film for teaching purposes, they were stored in categories by subject. Most of the slides were dated and labeled. Although employed throughout his career as a history professor, Dr. Paynter had diverse interests in many fields of study.

The collection is focused on the work of well-known architects—the Americans, the British, and the 20th-Century Continental Europeans. The urban landscape is another interest: the cities and towns of the United States and British Columbia; those of the British Isles, with special attention to London’s history and cathedrals; the European cities from Medieval to Modern times; and selected areas of Asia and Australia. Other categories include World Civilizations, especially those of the Greeks and Romans; Utopian and Futuristic Views; Technology and Visual Arts; and finally, some special niches—ball parks, historic theatres, railway stations, and Mission Architecture.

The complete Collection is now online. Some of the images you see will be resources of historical photos, plans for buildings, copies of images from research material used for his classes. Note: A password is needed to view 30 galleries in the Teaching Aids Collection. To see the entire collection, go to the Ned Paynter Collection.