It’s safe to say that upon seeing the line-up for Vogue Fest, I instantly salivated at the impressive mix of speakers – Bailey and Katrantzou and Erdem? Oh my! And such fashion talent sat alongside a wide range of eclectic names, from Mary Portas and Nigella Lawson to Edie Campbell and Pixie Geldof. I was, of course, champing at the bit to see Rachel Zoe up close and personal, simply to gauge just how teeny weeny she was –Prada Bags Nicole Richie or Borrower sized? You’d better believe I had an office sweepstake on her weight in edamame beans before I left the office on Friday night.Prada Outlet Jackpot: ding – ding- don’t eat anything but dust or air!It was, however, Tom Ford’s name that I found most arresting – the chance to hear the King of glamour, gorgeousness and – well, godlike genius after his star turn directing A Single Prada Sale Man- talk in close proximity. And it seemed that Vogue took this priceless opportunity to hear such key fashion names speak live… and matched this incredibly impressive lineup with a similarly impressive price tag.

I was interested to read a quote from Vogue Editor Alexandra Shulman, via the Business of Fashion, explaining, ‘Right from the get go, this was about making it affordable for the general public’. Well, congratulations for showing that Vogue has such little grasp on reality –Prada Bags whilst I understand that the magazine is an aspirational bible for fashion and style, in this particular climate, fashion publications, whatever their format, need to grasp the reality of our current landscape.Prada Handbags Bravo to ELLE who mix and match the high to low end – and so, too, to Look, Grazia and a whole other host of glossies who succeed in showcasing that money can’t buy you style (but it can certainly help…). In the case of Look, it’s particularly interesting that their seasonal fashion shows are accessible via a datacapture and competition mechanic – no money exchanges hands for these tickets. And, ironically, an attendee would certainly get more bang for their buck –Prada Sale a full fashion show, canapés, drinks and a goodybag to finish. Not bad for free…So whilst the speakers at Vogue were inspirational, and unequivocally industry leading,Prada Outlet I found it hard to understand what the £75 entrance fee covered – the venue hire and exquisite décor? For I wonder how many of these names were paid to be interviewed live and how many did it as a mutually beneficial promotional tool, and to score all important brownie points with Vogue’s PR and editorial team? If the magazine were trying to position this as an educational event, enriching the lives of its readers and offering a full lifestyle experience, they’d have done well to offer a richer experience for the money, and less of the feeling that we might have been paying to enrich their brand… the additional activity of a handful of lacklustre cosmetic stands and a paid-for café didn’t really lift this event to anything you wouldn’t see at any run of the mill fashion bash or – dare I say it – the hell on earth that is The Clothes Show and fashion frenzy that is London Fashion Weekend.

Where content is King, Net-a-Porter are particularly regal in their reign and are true leaders in terms of content creation. A genuine fashion authority, with the product range, and technological and creative execution to match, their edit online has always been industry leading. And as an editorial platform, it is a true multichannel approach to execute their fashion content in the ‘real’ or ‘print’ world. Natalie Massenet confirmed in her interview with Business of Fashion,Prada Bags ‘“We’ve talked about how the Net-a-Porter Group is actually not just a retail company, but it’s a media company. And if we’re a serious media company we couldn’t ignore one of the most important existing media,Prada Sale which is print”.But back to Porter. The nay sayers who ring the tolling bell that ‘print is dead’ may as well be those that say that music and film lovers will never buy an LP, CD or DVD ever again. And particularly in fashion,Prada Handbags the coffee table effect will still have a huge part to play. There is something Prada Outlet beautifully tangible and tantalising in having to anticipate a weekly or monthly magazine and finally turn a physical page. See also, displaying your latest fashion title on a coffee table, a new fashionable accessory to your home – and an exercise in repeat brand awareness for your like-minded friends who visit. Why else are record players hugely successful at Urban Outfitters, so too their instant cameras? Seems that listening to music digitally – and so too, sharing photography through sites like Instagram – can only fulfil one part of some consumers lifestyles. In our digital age, there is still power in something physical.

Promiscuous. Canny. Hard to please. Your ex-boyfriend, maybe, but also a new breed of shoppers that have been honed in the current financial climate. Gone are the days when you might have, say, a list of your top 3 stores you’d religiously shop at. A bit like football teams for girls (and the sales assistants were a lot better looking than Rooney), shopping was a near-religious experience at the altar of your favourite few brands you’d visit week in week out for your latest must haves or that very special occasion. Now however, who doesn’t hunt out the best possible price by scouring Voucher Codes for an elusive 10% discount, rips out a 25% offer in that week’s fashion glossy or stumbles across a special 20% off on email just because it’s Tuesday? Who hasn’t based their dinner that evening on the restaurant offering 2 for 1 or held out til Wednesday to see a film with Orange? The future is bright for consumers, and these offers are dictating when our desire and demand for shopping is most fervent – but it’s also ensuring we’re used to a discounts throughout the year. When Sale does come around as clockwork – who cares? Will that first 30% off really swing it for Prada Bags us on a tired old top we snapped up 2 months earlier when it had 25% off with Grazia Magazine? Unlikely at best.Prada Handbags These constant promotions on the high street have also created a sense Prada Sale of confidence in us as shoppers, a kind of us against them Prada Outlet for the retailers. Finally, we feel like we know how much product must really cost. As we swagger into stores (in heels – quite the coup), we know that if our favourite brands can offer 25% off their new collections at a drop of a hat – and presumably not lose out – why on earth would we pay the original and clearly inflated price? This undermines the price tag when Sale finally comes round – so much so that when retailers boast ’70% off! And an extra 10% off today only!’ we’re not thinking ‘gee THANKS!’, we’re grumbling that they think they can get away with the clearly inflated original price the rest of the year . Now, this is not always fair – brands do start to make a loss when they seriously slash prices at the end of Sale to clear their old stock, but when you feel a million dollars in your latest purchase, remember that the last time you paid full whack for a piece that may have been made for less than 25% of the asking price, the brand you purchased it from was probably feeling pretty made up, too.